Downtown of Neumünster, via dts
Downtown of Neumünster, via dts

World Medical President speaks out against lockdown measures

World Medical President Frank Ulrich Montgomery has spoken out in the fight against the corona virus against bans on going out for the population and cited Italy as a bad example.

“I'm not a fan of lockdown. Anyone who imposes something like this has to say when and how to pick it up again, ”said Montgomery of the“ Rheinische Post ”(Wednesday edition).

"Since we have to assume that the virus will be with us for a long time, I wonder when we will return to normal?" You couldn't keep schools and daycare centers closed until the end of the year. Because it will take at least that long to have a vaccine, according to Montgomery. Italy imposed a lockdown and had the opposite effect. "They quickly reached their capacity limits, but didn't slow down the virus spread within the lockdown at all." A lockdown is a measure of political despair, because one thinks that coercive measures mean that you can go further than you can reason. Montgomery was critical of the border closures ordered by the federal government. “I don't think border closures can stop the virus. That is political actionism. ”

One can control and lock individual freeway crossings. But then people just take the small country roads. "You often don't notice when you cross the border."

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