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Two young men with respirators, over dts
Two young men with respirators, over dts

The president of the doctor recommends protective masks in public

Medical President Klaus Reinhardt has appealed to the population to wear protective masks.

"My advice: Get simple protective masks or make your own and wear them in public spaces," said the President of the German Medical Association (BAEK) to the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung" (NOZ). These masks did not guarantee protection against infection.

“But they can help a little to reduce the risk of infecting others or getting infected yourself. Wearing simple masks can also make sense when it comes to containing the virus, ”says Reinhardt. The simple masks made of fabric or other materials are only an auxiliary construct, "but they are better than nothing because they filter the air we breathe," said the doctor's president. At the same time, he urged the population to use only simple masks. “Important: Do not order or buy professional protective masks online. If you are not in healthcare or have previous medical conditions, you don’t need FFP2 or FFP3 masks. ” The professional protective masks would be more urgently needed by others, said Reinhardt of the NOZ. “Sick people should wear them when they are dealing with other people. Above all, doctors and nurses who care for the sick need these masks so that they do not become ill themselves and become carriers. ” If a Covid sufferer and his caregiver or doctor wear an FFP2 mask, "the protection is already very high". And that is currently "decisive".